Do you feel a call to train deep discipleship and connection with God in the context of creation during a Christian leadership development program?

Have you been looking for a source to learn and grow in your Christ centered leadership in a deep wilderness environment?

Are you interested in the body of skills and learning needed to be a wilderness leadership professional and/or to start your own wilderness adventures ministry?

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry’s Wilderness Ministry Professional’s Course is a robust and challenging training designed to develop you into a professional and skilled leader in deep wilderness expeditions. SROM provides a wilderness training course that holistically develops individuals drawn and called to discipleship and leadership in the setting of God’s creation.

This course will focus on the following themes that are foundational for effective ministry leadership in any wilderness setting:

  • Personal intimacy with Jesus
  • Connecting in unity and oneness with your community
  • Character formation and development
  • Refining/Clarifying personal calling
  • Acquiring practical deep wilderness hard skills and competencies

There will be an emphasis on developing and clarifying a personal philosophy of wilderness ministry and a philosophy of education. The course will also focus on developing the meta, soft and hard skills necessary for professional wilderness ministry leaders.

SROM’s Wilderness Ministry Professional’s Course provides a premier training and development opportunity for persons who want to lead wilderness or outdoor ministry expeditions. The course is specifically designed to teach and develop individuals to lead and instruct backpacking and rock climbing from a Christ-centered worldview. The course is also designed to train, equip, and certify SROM instructors and is the pre-qualification training to working at SROM. All individuals who complete and pass the course will be certified as a Level 1 SROM instructor. Completing and passing this certification level allows an individual to then apply for an instructor position at SROM, leading backpacking and rock climbing courses. The WMPC is also for anyone who is looking to increase their own professional development and skillset, whether they desire employment with SROM or not.