It’s real out there!

Beyond the comforts of the everyday routine is a place in the wilderness where the Lord wants to meet you face to face—to sharpen, encounter, and transform you! There are times when we just need to get away, be still and focus. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation, you will learn deep spiritual truths that will center around overcoming adversity, leadership development, character formation, and authentic community programs. Here you can experience the depths of God’s affection for you.

Sign up for one of our seven or ten-day rock climbing and backpacking trips! We have courses available for adults and teens, fathers and families! These courses create an opportunity to live beyond the comfort zones of normal life as you push yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually in the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. Concepts such as trust, faithfulness, and the fruits of the Spirit will become more tangible as God reveals Himself in a progressive way along the timeline of your course. Be amazed at what can happen in your life in just a few powerful days in His presence. You will be refreshed and renewed, changed and transformed. Much more than a summer vacation, this adventure can recharge and refocus your life!

Look through our different seven or ten-day course, find the one that interests you, and apply today!