1. Wilderness is Necessary: Part 1

    There is a clear need to bring people into the wilderness, both for their well-being, and for the preservation of wild places. The more technologically saturated our culture becomes, the greater the need to protect time spent in creation and to protect the wild places of creation. In his book, Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv documents the detachment of children, youth, and young adults from …Read More

  2. The Importance of Face-To-Face

    As online social media virtually connects the world, virtual relationships are becoming a constant distraction from authentic face-to-face interactions. Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd note this trend in their book, The Digital Invasion: “the digital social media that now dominates our lives tends to foster more self-centeredness than deeper connections.”[i] Not only do virtual r…Read More

  3. Wild Intentions

    Wilderness is Intentional There is a deep hunger for authenticity in today’s generation, and a desire to truly make a difference in the world. Because one of the primary desires is to make a difference and to do something that truly matters, there is also incredible potential for this current generation to be the one that takes the Great Commission seriously and brings the Gospel to the ends of…Read More

  4. Why Go Into The Wilderness?

    Why Wilderness? At SROM, wilderness is an actual setting for transformation, not simply a metaphor to describe one’s struggles in life. God uses the wilderness on SROM courses to confront fears, reveal Kingdom strategies, and create authentic community while on course. We trek over trails and camp out in the elements. While rock climbing, backpacking and mountaineering, we’ll delve into the …Read More

  5. Connect with nature through our Christian Wilderness Program!

    Our Environmental Ethics

    Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is a huge advocate for environmental health, and we have partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (The Center). As such, we practice land management principles, and we teach environmental ethics throughout our Christian retreats and wilderness adventures. Respect for the Environment Throughout an SROM retreat we strive to grow closer to God, and we …Read More

  6. Our Christian treats bring you to new heights!

    Building Skills & Managing Risk in the Wild

    In a handful of our most recent blogs, we’ve been extrapolating on some of the specific lessons we learn throughout our Christian retreats. Today, we’ll be continuing that theme with a few further lessons through which we navigate on a Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries trip. Building Specific Skillsets Survival in nature isn’t perfectly easy. Without reliable shelter, we’re required to find wa…Read More

  7. Our Christian adventure camp around Laramie

    Natural History & The Lord’s Creation

    When we trek out into the wild, we’re walking out into a universe full of lessons. We learn to identify certain plants and flowers; we learn how to fish; we learn what sound a morning dove makes; we learn the cycles of the moon, weather patterns, and more. We observe nature and we gain lessons from it. On a Christian retreat with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, we learn the path that God has laid…Read More

  8. Our wilderness ministry connects you with nature and God!

    Why We Retreat Through Nature

    There are a multitude of reasons why you should join us for a Christian retreat into the wilderness! First and foremost, our retreats bring us closer to God and connect us with nature. But let’s discuss a few further reasons why we host our Christian retreats here at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries: Develop Leadership Skills Here at SROM, we value leadership. We strive to aid our participants in l…Read More

  9. Connect with nature through our Christian Wilderness Program!

    Further Passages on Nature

    In our previous two blogs, we discussed some passages from the bible and their significance. We’ve selected nature-themed bible passages to parallel some of the themes that we discuss in our Christian wilderness retreats. Throughout our wilderness adventures, we’ll delve into the bible and we’ll strive to gain meaning from our surroundings. It’s our goal on every retreat to become more inv…Read More

  10. Wilderness ministry from SROM connects you with God!

    Another Bible Passage on Nature

    In one of our most recent blogs, we took a moment to delve into some meaningful bible passages surrounding nature. Today, we’ll be dissecting an individual passage and discussing its value and meaning. Throughout our wilderness ministry trips here at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries, we embrace faith as we embrace nature. It’s important to remember that nature connects us with God, since earth’…Read More