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Wilderness is Necessary: Part 1

There is a clear need to bring people into the wilderness, both for their well-being, and for the pr...

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The Importance of Face-To-Face

As online social media virtually connects the world, virtual relationships are becoming a constant d...

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Wild Intentions

Wilderness is Intentional There is a deep hunger for authenticity in today’s generation, and a desir...

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Why Go Into The Wilderness?

Why Wilderness? At SROM, wilderness is an actual setting for transformation, not simply a metaphor t...

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Our Environmental Ethics

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is a huge advocate for environmental health, and we have partnered wit...

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Building Skills & Managing Risk in the Wild

In a handful of our most recent blogs, we’ve been extrapolating on some of the specific lessons we l...

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The Tasks We Conquer

If you’re considering joining one of our long course wilderness ministry programs here in Laramie, y...

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Wilderness Ministry: Considering Making The Jump?

Looking to get in touch with your spiritual side? Take a forty day and forty night spiritual journey...

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The Four Core Values Of SROM

Our past blogs have broken down the four core values we follow here at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry....

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The Nations

It is an important step, following a trip into our backcountry during your Christian wilderness prog...

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